Apprentice - Engineering Ref. 502

Starting salary £17,768 with annual increases rising to c.£22,500 on completion
HMGCC has unique and exciting opportunities for Electronics and Mechanical Manufacturing Apprentices to join our growing team. You will have the opportunity to work with the latest technology and equipment and you'll be working with systems designers and engineers who are amongst the best in their field. You will gain a solid foundation of engineering skills on which to build your future career.

What makes HMGCC different is that you'll have the opportunity to get involved in the whole process. You'll learn new skills and gain experience in a wide range of technologies whilst working with a variety of customers and design engineers. We'll give you the opportunity to be creative and help you to develop the necessary skills to get the work done, and deliver results.

As an Engineering Apprentice, you will complete a three-year development programme towards an Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture. The programme allows for a technical certificate at either BTEC Level 3 or Level 4 depending on your experience and qualifications.

Your Technical Skills

The minimum technical skills and qualifications we need you to already have:

• 4 GCSEs or equivalent at Grade A* to C or 9-4, including Maths, English and Science, or a technical based subject such as engineering or product design, or a relevant Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship
• A keen interest in engineering, demonstrated through hobbies or projects completed at home or college
• Good manual dexterity

We also welcome applications if you have (or are predicted to achieve) any of the following additional qualifications:

• 2 A-Levels at Grade A*- C in Maths and Physics or Electronics, OR
• BTEC Level 3 in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, including Further Maths, OR
• An equivalent Level 3 qualification in a related engineering discipline

Your application will not be eligible if you already hold a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering or Engineering Manufacture.

Your Personal Skills

To work as an HMGCC apprentice you will be the type of person who:

Behaves with integrity: you will be professional, honest and reliable
Wants to make a difference: you will want to add value to our organisation by delivering the best possible service, even when you're faced with a challenge
Can work in a team: you will be keen to cooperate, collaborate, support and respect your team members to ensure you understand and can achieve our goals
Is creative: you will be passionate about technology and eager to develop your own skills and knowledge to produce accurate detailed work. You will have an aptitude for logical reasoning and problem solving

The Scheme

Over the course of your three-year apprenticeship, your time will be split between attending a local college to complete the academic qualification of the programme and on the job training at HMGCC. This allows you to build a solid foundation of practical skills and technical knowledge. The entire apprenticeship programme is based on blended learning through classroom training, various mentored work placements and customer projects. We also fund your membership with a professional organisation such as the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Your apprenticeship programme will ensure you gain both the breadth and depth of experience you need to become a vital part of our future. We will offer you a positive and creative environment to work in and give you all of the tools and training to develop and be the best that you can be.

On successful completion of your apprenticeship, you will begin your career working at HMGCC as an Engineer Technician. We will continue to invest and develop your skills and knowledge in our organisation where the opportunities to progress are boundless if you have the potential and ambition.

As you progress through the scheme your salary will be reviewed, and will increase annually, if you are performing as expected throughout the course.

This apprenticeship programme may be subject to some variation in light of the Government changes to apprenticeship frameworks. If this is the case, you will be informed in writing prior to the programme start.

Scheme Qualifications

At the end of your programme you will achieve a nationally accredited Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture. This will include one of the technical certificates below:

BTEC Level 3 (90-credit) Diploma in Engineering (if you have achieved our minimum technical skills listed above)
BTEC Level 4 HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (if you already have, or are predicted to achieve, the additional qualifications listed above)

But your development doesn't stop there: you may still have the opportunity to continue your development towards a higher level apprenticeship.

Your Career

Here's a flavour of the types of thing you could be doing once you've achieved your apprenticeship:

Electronics pathway

Electronics Lab Technician supporting our Electronics Development Engineers through testing new and innovative designs, building prototypes to try out a new idea or perhaps identifying and procuring components, among many other activities.

Electronics Assembly Technician supporting the manufacture of high density Printed Circuit Board (PCB) component assemblies. Within our modern and well-equipped facility, you will work with a broad range of assembly techniques ranging from fine manual assembly to modern automated loading processes.

PCB Technician supporting the manufacture of printed circuit boards including bare boards, simple or double sided PCBs and complex multi-layer boards. You will be involved in the latest printed circuit board techniques and technology.

Mechanical Manufacturing pathway

Mechanical Manufacture Technician supporting pre-production and production of equipment in all fields of mechanical manufacture including traditional manual machining, CNC machining, sheet metal, injection moulding, vacuum forming and casting, surface coating, and 30 metal printing.

Mechanical Design Technician supporting the design of electro-mechanical products, such as compact measurement devices, specialised jigs and tools, and pneumatic and hydraulic systems. You will produce build-to documentation and work with a wide variety of product support and change control tasks. You will co-operate closely with our in-house manufacturing facility and Production Engineers to design and model suitable solutions and engineering drawings for manufacture using our 3D CAD tools.

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Please note dependent on the recruitment requirements, we withhold the right to bring forward the closing date for this role from the original closing date.

This Program / Vacancy is closed to applications.